Agents of the Cabal, or something Darker?

“What does he want, now?” Frustrated, Lord Hammish Olde asked of Manford. “I must remind him that I, not he, is lord of this manor. Tell him I see him when I am available. Have him wait in the drawing room. Make sure the brandy is available. But, Manford, you must tell me immediately if he becomes irritated…”

Manford went to inform the unwelcome, but all too frequent, visitor. He hated the vauge aroma of slaughter that always accompanied the man, like a sour eau de toilette lightly applied too recently.

“Mi’lord will be with you once he has finished his current task. Please accompany me to wait in the drawing room, doctor…”

The Rippers face the evils of the Cabal day in and day out. On occasion, however, they fight unaligned monsters. Creatures too stupid to understand the idea of alliance, or those too violent to add value. On rare occasions they uncover plots within the plots of the Cabal that threaten the world, the rippers, and even the cabal. There are rumors that there are things in the world that even the Cabal fear.

What do the Rippers make of what they are about to uncover?

Echo's of the Olde Wayes

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