Echo's of the Olde Wayes

Ardencapel aftermath

Another lost to the darkness

Science has failed us

25th of May, 1895

Returning from Scotland, Father Geary, Ms. Spears, and Mr. Keys return with the bodies of Mr. Adamson and Matron Parr.

They have discovered a link to this lone witch, the manservant of Master Owens, and a cafe in a town outside of Paris. It has been reported that there was some sort of creature guarding the lighthouse who used a gun that fired cohesive darkness. They had acquired this weapon, but while engaged with the witch and his followers, there was an accident that killed Mr. Adamson and Matron Parr. It appeared that there was some sort of electrical burst followed by a wave of dark and cold. Mr. Keys defeated the witch, gathered several documents and with the Help of the Father was able to ignore his wound and recover the information and the bodies of the fallen rippers.

They will now follow up this lead, perhaps with another Ripper.


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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