Echo's of the Olde Wayes

Ardencapel Castle Light

Darkest in the shadows

A night in the Life

19th of May, 1895

Arriving in Helensburgh, they spend the night at the coach house inn. The next morning, they are met by Mr. Adamson, who takes them, by a somewhat circuitous route to an empty warehouse down by the Firth. They meet Father Geary there, who is tending to a severely wounded Ms. Spears. They are breifed on the situation, and it is decided that the two more experiened rippers will go examine the Manor, upon the property of which the Light stands. Once they return, the new arrivals will go to observe the lighthouse, approaching by a less circumspect route.

However, before they return, the warehouse is attacked!

The newcomers make a decent showing of themselves, but attract the attention of the local law enforcement! One of the dead is Black Tom…who made note of them when they arrived and whom they were warned about.

After a tense time with the constables, they leave, meeting up with the others, and it is decided to head to the lighthouse tower…where thing go horribly wrong…


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