Echo's of the Olde Wayes

Looking for Kat...

A trip to Zagreb

August 3rd, 1895

After finding a hidden ritual chamber beneath the Colosseum, they find a badge that relates to something known as the Six Serpent Society. Their host introduces them to a scholar, who knows something of magic, but is quite cagey about the meeting. Probably with good reason, because Fredrick Jaxsis is a member of the banned faction, the Rosicrucians…

They promise not to report who their source is, and he tells them that non much is known of the magical lodge known as the Six Serpents. It is believed that they are some sort of witch coven, but it is known that they have access to dark magic. There is some disagreement about whether they were an independent element, or allied with the Cabal, as they had been discovered on Cabal missions, but on seemingly unrelated activity as well. Fred knew of one member of the Society that was also a Mason, but was unsure if they were connected. He is given the book to study, and they write to Mina to see if she has any guidance, but the carefully omit who gave them the information. Her reply is to visit Matild ‘Kat’ Katalin Barta. She is an expert o witches, and hopefully can help them out.

Hopefully, because nothing has been heard from the Zagreb Lodge in almost 6 months.

They board a train to Zagreb with the little information they can find about the lodge, and head into dark, Eastern Europe. The train is inspected by members of the Night Guard!

Arriving in Zagreb, they hire a horse and cart and head up the hunting road to see if they can find the Stavnia Farm. About 5 miles up the track they find the farm, but there is a member of the Night Guard at it’s gate! Beyond that, they find that many of the small side tracks have been tramped through, and often scoured.

Around the 3 mile range, where they were expecting the lodge to be, they start looking , finding the trails much-more pristine. After a few hours, the find a small clearing with a cottage. Here, They find Kat. She informs them that the Night Guard burned the lodge, but might not have actually got into the secure part. But, they have left zombies and skeletons to guard it from wayward rippers. She also knows that the Guard has taken over the farm because they are looking for something called the Hunting Horn, but she has no ideas as to what that might be.

They discuss what they understand of the "society, and she explains that they are wrong about witches and demonologists, and she goes into detail about the differences. She does not know of the Six Serpents or the Oldes, but seems to recall something in the secure archive of the lodge. She tells them how to find the lodge, and how to get into the secure area, but she is too old and out of practice to be of much help…


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