Echo's of the Olde Wayes

Mission Report, Fr. Geary

Witches in Sarcelle

Partly successful

5th of June, 1895

Following our lead to the cafe in Sarcelle, we found the contact, but were rebuffed. It seems they may have taken a coffee cup I used, which has since been destroyed. What purpose they had is unknown. We discovered two things during this endeavor. The which may be associated with a family motto of MOD. Ms, Mulholland believes it may represent the Greek characters Mu Omicron Delta, but we do not recognize this meaning any more clearly. We also discovered they have some connection with the Levey Necropolis outside of town. Upon exploring this boneyard, particularly the mausoleum marke both with the MOD motto and the word, or perhaps name; OLDE. We were set upon by several zombies rising from the graves, as well as three others, one of which I believe, was a foul servant of darkness. We were unable to defeat them all that night.

The next day, we met with Adelle DeLun, a Witch Hunter with business in Paris. With her advice, we returned to the unconsecrated cemetery. We discovered signs of witchcraft and collusion. We also found the earlier mentioned coffee cup and small black cloth packets with hair and leather, or perhaps flesh in them. We burned the craft items, but upon leaving, we encountered a ranking member of the Olde family, commanding several gendarme to either arrest or kill us. In an effort not to attack the unwitting accomplices, we fled, eventually escaping.

We had to be very surreptitious upon leaving Sarcelle and returning here. We have no actual proof of the devils work, nor proof of who is or even may be involved, but we did make that place unacceptable to practice their craft.

At this time, when rippers are available, I believe it would prove beneficial to further investigate the goings on at Sarcelle, and the Levey Necropolis.

Given by my hand,

Father Edwin Geary


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