Echo's of the Olde Wayes

Mission Report - suspected hybrid/changeling

or a pig in a poke...

A request was made for a glandular system from a hybrid or changeling and as I was not otherwise engaged I delved into the local papers and rags looking for possibilities. In a small village paper I found a report of a “pig man” sighted around and about one of the local farms. This report was picked up and written about in several other sources. There seemed to be enough information so I enlisted the aid of Mr. Keys and headed north to see what we might find and perhaps bring back a beast of some use.

Our first night there we found remains of some serious rooting at the base of a large oak tree. There was dug up dirt, hand prints and very large prints that could very easily have been a very large pig… if that pig had been walking upright. We were delighted and thought perhaps we were on to something. Following the tracks we eventually found a rumpled and disturbed area where the tracks went from porcine to bare human foot, then the tracks leaving the area were booted. So. Perhaps not a hybrid but a changeling. After receiving confirmation that a changeling pig would probably still be beneficial we set out to follow the tracks further with the hope of intercepting. We followed the tracks to the edge of a farm and hidden in the trees there on the edge we found a barrel containing a mask made of a pig’s face a satchel containing nuts and truffles and a boots with tied on wooden soles that were carved to imitate the pig tracks we saw. Not a changeling at all, but a hoax.

We staked the barrel out and watched until the small hours of the morning. We were set upon by a pack of mangy wolves, but with a little luck and considerable skill from Mr. Keys, killed several and sent the rest packing. A short time later we heard a gunshot from the farmhouse and going to investigate we found the farmer carrying a blunderbuss and prowling the farm yard. He eventually found a carcass of what looked like one of our wolves and carried it off.

At this point we decided this really had no impact on our organization and decided to return.

No changelings or hybrids found.


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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