Echo's of the Olde Wayes

What is MOD?
What has it to do with a Roman Hyde?

Something of Interest

12th of July, 1895

Mercy received a copy of a report from Rome, regarding a note found in the hand of defeated Hyde. Apparently it was forwarded to her because of the reference to the MOD.

She and Mordy decide to go to Van Helsing’s lodge to see if they could find any more information. After several days spent going through old ripper reports, of which Mr.Keys bored rapidly…many interesting links between MOD and the Olde family, but nothing definitive.

Seeking advice from some of the more senior rippers, They will be working out how to travel to Rome, and see if they can find any better clues.

Serious Undertaking
Misssing Bodies? I never...

Something of Interest

25thof June, 1895

After failing to capture a hybrid to rip, but finding a con man, Sister Mulholland and Mr. Keys begin to look into a suspicious incident, that proves not to be body snatching. During their investigation, Mrs. Crane and Fr. Geary have gone to London for lodge business. They have left Mr. Strand as the senior Ripper at the Lodge. They are expected to return today or tomorrow.

What they find requires them to request Madam Clara to assist them, but perhaps they get more than they have bargained for…or less?!

Mission Report - suspected hybrid/changeling
or a pig in a poke...

A request was made for a glandular system from a hybrid or changeling and as I was not otherwise engaged I delved into the local papers and rags looking for possibilities. In a small village paper I found a report of a “pig man” sighted around and about one of the local farms. This report was picked up and written about in several other sources. There seemed to be enough information so I enlisted the aid of Mr. Keys and headed north to see what we might find and perhaps bring back a beast of some use.

Our first night there we found remains of some serious rooting at the base of a large oak tree. There was dug up dirt, hand prints and very large prints that could very easily have been a very large pig… if that pig had been walking upright. We were delighted and thought perhaps we were on to something. Following the tracks we eventually found a rumpled and disturbed area where the tracks went from porcine to bare human foot, then the tracks leaving the area were booted. So. Perhaps not a hybrid but a changeling. After receiving confirmation that a changeling pig would probably still be beneficial we set out to follow the tracks further with the hope of intercepting. We followed the tracks to the edge of a farm and hidden in the trees there on the edge we found a barrel containing a mask made of a pig’s face a satchel containing nuts and truffles and a boots with tied on wooden soles that were carved to imitate the pig tracks we saw. Not a changeling at all, but a hoax.

We staked the barrel out and watched until the small hours of the morning. We were set upon by a pack of mangy wolves, but with a little luck and considerable skill from Mr. Keys, killed several and sent the rest packing. A short time later we heard a gunshot from the farmhouse and going to investigate we found the farmer carrying a blunderbuss and prowling the farm yard. He eventually found a carcass of what looked like one of our wolves and carried it off.

At this point we decided this really had no impact on our organization and decided to return.

No changelings or hybrids found.

Mission Report - Sarcelle
M. Mulholland

Upon arrival in the village of Sarcelle we set out to see what we could discover. We began with the coffee shop where Mr. Keys and I spent a pleasant morning watching and listening. Not much was observed until Father Geary came and asked his questions which ruffled feathers, enough so that they kept his coffee cup back from the wash. A bit disconcerting that, but try as we might there was no way to retrieve it without revealing ourselves to be in league.

Questions at the hall of records went unanswered as bureaucracy here is more insidious than at home, no help that I was clearly an outsider.

Later, I followed the fellow behind the bar (the man Mr. Keys and Father Geary identified from Scotland) to a house bearing the same MOD above the garden gate. After a short time he reemerged in the company of a small, mousy man carrying a large case. I lost them when they alighted into a distinctive red carriage and left the village.

Nosing around the churchyard I found a headstone bearing the name Gratien Claude and a crown topped with 2 stars and the letters MOD. One of the older clergyman was only too happy to pull down record books and tell me all about the Claude family and how they were well known and unrepentant heretics. In fact, Msr Gratien was the only member of his family to be baptized and buried in consecrated ground. While I was at the churchyard Mr. Keys went in search of the origin of the carriage and discovered that they belong exclusively to a company that runs a necropolis, Leve Necropolis.

Regrouping at our hotel we decide our next move must be to the necropolis. We rest, and once dusk darkening the sky we head out. It is not an unpleasant walk and the countryside is lovely, but the necropolis is walled and the gate locked. There is a keeper’s hut with a light on inside and three coaches lined up along the wall, so we circle the perimeter and find a likely place to gain entry. Quietly and carefully we moved through the cemetery until we find a mausoleum with the name OLDE on the door and MOD above. Things get a little hectic from there. There are three men in robes and undead things coming out of the darkness. The fighting is fierce, shots in the dark, fisticuffs, fire and lightening raining out of the sky. Father Geary is hurt bad and we retreat, making our way back to our rooms to hopefully heal and hopefully get reinforcements from the witch hunters of Paris. ::note to self, don’t get into a boxing match with Mr. Keys::

So, now a witch hunter arrives and we head back to the mausoleum. Adele would not be put off. There are guards at the gate, but with a little charm we manage to get past them and on to the mausoleum. It is unlocked and we gain entry rather easily. Once inside it is easy to see that the space sees a good amount of traffic, but to where? Investigation and a keen eye allows us to see deposits of wax on a handle, which reveals with a tug a passageway down. ::note to self, pay attention to the things you see out of the corner of your eye… carriages arriving might prove important during the meanwhile::

Below we find corridors and a chamber full of evidence of black magic. We also find a trap door that appears to lead up into the keeper’s cottage. We set fire to the chamber and destroy what we have found, but upon our return to the surface we find a very angry gentleman, his man and a handful of gendarme.

To say we did not wish to be arrested is to make a ridiculous understatement, but I did not know how best to proceed until Father Geary bolted and ran. We all scattered in different directions, each of us losing our tail and regrouping, finally in an old ramshackle cottage outside of town.

Our journey back to England was quick and quiet.

I’m not sure if this was a success, a failure, or merely a standard operating procedural stepping stone. I’m sure time will tell. We have put a kink in their operation for the moment, but we by no means have put a stop to them. I am curious to know if we and Father Geary will continue this avenue or will the witch hunters in Paris take it up?

On a personal note: I have much to learn. My skill sets proved useful, and I managed to keep my head when it all went pear shaped, but there are many things I could have done better. I will endeavor to continue to learn. Mr. Keys makes a fine companion. He is self deprecating, but he is not as dimwitted or unskilled as he likes to make it seem. Despite my previous note to self, I believe I might ask him to show me how to defend myself with my hands more.

Mission Report, Fr. Geary
Witches in Sarcelle

Partly successful

5th of June, 1895

Following our lead to the cafe in Sarcelle, we found the contact, but were rebuffed. It seems they may have taken a coffee cup I used, which has since been destroyed. What purpose they had is unknown. We discovered two things during this endeavor. The which may be associated with a family motto of MOD. Ms, Mulholland believes it may represent the Greek characters Mu Omicron Delta, but we do not recognize this meaning any more clearly. We also discovered they have some connection with the Levey Necropolis outside of town. Upon exploring this boneyard, particularly the mausoleum marke both with the MOD motto and the word, or perhaps name; OLDE. We were set upon by several zombies rising from the graves, as well as three others, one of which I believe, was a foul servant of darkness. We were unable to defeat them all that night.

The next day, we met with Adelle DeLun, a Witch Hunter with business in Paris. With her advice, we returned to the unconsecrated cemetery. We discovered signs of witchcraft and collusion. We also found the earlier mentioned coffee cup and small black cloth packets with hair and leather, or perhaps flesh in them. We burned the craft items, but upon leaving, we encountered a ranking member of the Olde family, commanding several gendarme to either arrest or kill us. In an effort not to attack the unwitting accomplices, we fled, eventually escaping.

We had to be very surreptitious upon leaving Sarcelle and returning here. We have no actual proof of the devils work, nor proof of who is or even may be involved, but we did make that place unacceptable to practice their craft.

At this time, when rippers are available, I believe it would prove beneficial to further investigate the goings on at Sarcelle, and the Levey Necropolis.

Given by my hand,

Father Edwin Geary

And off to Paris and beyond
Exploring Sarcelle

We have a lead!

30th of May, 1895

At Portsmouth House, the Father and Mr. Keys meet up with Ms. Mulholland, recently of the Royal Nursing sisters in Egypt. She joins them on the trip to France.

They go to Paris, and stay at the very small lodge at the Templars HeadquartersMuseum, and then on to Sarcelle, where the signe de café de chien (Sign of the Dog Cafe) and possibly the contact of the witch Pioter.

With no lodge, they stay in a small hotel and begin there search. Not without some incidents, they find a house with a family motto of MOD

Ardencapel aftermath
Another lost to the darkness

Science has failed us

25th of May, 1895

Returning from Scotland, Father Geary, Ms. Spears, and Mr. Keys return with the bodies of Mr. Adamson and Matron Parr.

They have discovered a link to this lone witch, the manservant of Master Owens, and a cafe in a town outside of Paris. It has been reported that there was some sort of creature guarding the lighthouse who used a gun that fired cohesive darkness. They had acquired this weapon, but while engaged with the witch and his followers, there was an accident that killed Mr. Adamson and Matron Parr. It appeared that there was some sort of electrical burst followed by a wave of dark and cold. Mr. Keys defeated the witch, gathered several documents and with the Help of the Father was able to ignore his wound and recover the information and the bodies of the fallen rippers.

They will now follow up this lead, perhaps with another Ripper.

Ardencapel Castle Light
Darkest in the shadows

A night in the Life

19th of May, 1895

Arriving in Helensburgh, they spend the night at the coach house inn. The next morning, they are met by Mr. Adamson, who takes them, by a somewhat circuitous route to an empty warehouse down by the Firth. They meet Father Geary there, who is tending to a severely wounded Ms. Spears. They are breifed on the situation, and it is decided that the two more experiened rippers will go examine the Manor, upon the property of which the Light stands. Once they return, the new arrivals will go to observe the lighthouse, approaching by a less circumspect route.

However, before they return, the warehouse is attacked!

The newcomers make a decent showing of themselves, but attract the attention of the local law enforcement! One of the dead is Black Tom…who made note of them when they arrived and whom they were warned about.

After a tense time with the constables, they leave, meeting up with the others, and it is decided to head to the lighthouse tower…where thing go horribly wrong…

A Trip to Scotland
A simple task...

A day in the Life

16th of May, 1895

Two new members of the Rippers are called to the drawing room of Portsmouth House. There Ms. Crane asks them to go assist the assistant Lodge Keeper, Father Geary, Mr. Adamson and Ms. Spears who have gone to Ardencaple to investigate reports of witches. Ms. Crane received a letter asking for assistance, and so she is sending Ms. Parr and Mr. Keys to assist. and as they are new of the rippers, the Lodge will pay half of their expenses.

MOD in Rome?
A new lead?

An interesting Note

15th of July, 1895

Ms. Mullholand received a message at breakfast, with a report from Rome, that was sent to Van Helsing Lodge. It was forwarded to her, because of a report that she had filed there as well. It concerned a note possessed by a Hyde that was defeated by a Ripper, Yo Lon Gi. It was apparently signed by the MOD, that she had reported on before.

She and Mordy head to Van Helsing lodge to do more research, spending about 6 days in the libraries there, and forming some interesting ideas…

They then travel to Rome, and a very small lodge beneath St Cuthberts Chapel of Eternal Light. There they meet, Yo, who takes them to Andrew, who then takes them to the Coliseum. There, they find they may have arrived to late, ecountering freshly dead zombies and a Lap dog of Satan.


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